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Lil Pages opens up the flexibility and enjoyment of creating beautiful documents to help communicate user flows, storyboarding, site map flowcharts, fast wireframing or simply UI icons to use in your next project.

Lil Pages have been created to be simple, elegant and work straight out of the box. However, the real power lies in the flexibility of Lil Pages. Each of the 50 layouts comprises of basic shapes or strokes allowing for full customization. It’s extremely easy to modify or create your own Lil Pages to create miniature pages of your website, iOS application or product.

Included in Lil Pages:

  • 50 unique UI layouts in 2 color themes
  • 5 browser layouts to use with your Lil Pages
  • Flowchart icons and arrows
  • Premade flowchart to get you started

Lil Pages includes fully editable vector formats including Adobe Illustrator, SVG, PDF and EPS. It also includes individual SVG files for easy including into fonts or images on your website.

Buy Now – $8

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  1. Hi Lil’ Squid Person, I love Creative Market & your STUFF! I am jus’ a lil Fish that’s not ReALLy a graphic designer … but love to use lots of graphics in everything…(no way for me to add any here :/) 🙂 I use Corel PSP 4X, MS Office, and on my website……how do I use SVG files & Adobe Illustrator files & other Elements. I want to purchase but don’t ReALLy know how to integrate them to MY Graphics program or convert to usable images for me…..since I don’t own and can’t afford to purchase Photoshop or other Adobe programs? Can U help me understand so that I CAN purchase some of Ur goods to use?
    Thx, Jus’ Me-Lisa P. (

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