Lil Stories

Lil Stories are our interpretation of using simple color and detail to provide the building blocks to tell a story confined within an icon. We understand detail comes at a cost, however with the rise of retina displays and efficient CSS GPU-acceleration, for how long do we need to continue to serve up static graphics in a flat world when we have these capabilities at our fingertips?

We started our Lil Stories journey with a friendly-looking tree as the subject matter. This single tree gives us endless possibilities to help evolve the web into a place of excitement and fun! It’s amazing what can be done with just a foreground, middle-ground and background and a little bit of CSS animation.

In this first installment of our Lil Stories series, we have crafted 54 fully editable vector weather icons in three styles to give you the building blocks to help make the web just that lil bit more fun!

What you get:

  • 12 x Lil Stories representing seasons, weather, daylight and temperature using a friendly tree as the centerpiece.
  • 18 x Simple harmonic colored vector flat weather icons showing standard weather patterns.
  • 24 x High contrast vector silhouettes that finish off a well rounded unique and explorative icon series.
  • 1 x Icon web font to be easily dropped into any web project or UI.

Buy now – $5

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